grid structure of model GME

Regional model COSMO-EU embedded in the global model GME.
Mesh displayed in reduced resolution (German Weather Service).

Newtonian attraction of atmospheric masses affect measurements of precise gravimeters. To make other signals visible in gravimetric time series masked by these effects, a correction must be applied.

Up to 95% of atmospheric effects in gravimetric time series can be eliminated by a simple linear regression to airpressure variations. However, this is not sufficient for many applications where small signals should be interpreted. Therefore, the spatial distribution of the air-masses must be considered, which can be realized using the density derived from parameters of atmospheric models.

Atmacs is a service that provides time series of atmospheric vertical mass attraction computed on the basis of weather models of the German Weather Service (DWD), the regional model COSMO-EU and the global model ICON (former GME).

Recently 61 global IGETS stations (global GME / ICON model) are included in the automated computation routine. The regional computation has been deprecated on February, 2023. Please follow up the news for latest updates on the service.

Contact us if you wish your station to be included in the computation.