Data access

Data is provided as a simple text file, which is updated daily.

Recent results for the individual global stations

CodeNameGlobal ICON model (since 2015-02-23)MPIOM (since 2000-01-01)
au Aubure icongl mpiom
ap Apache_Point icongl mpiom
bg Borowa_Gora icongl mpiom
bh Bad_Homburg icongl mpiom
bo Boulder icongl mpiom
br Boernchen icongl mpiom
bu Buro icongl mpiom
bw Borowiec icongl mpiom
ca Cantley icongl mpiom
cb Canberra icongl mpiom
ci Cibinong icongl mpiom
co Conrad icongl mpiom
dj Djougou icongl mpiom
es Esashi icongl mpiom
gu Gujarat icongl mpiom
ha Hamburg icongl mpiom
he Helgoland icongl mpiom
hh Hohes_Holz icongl mpiom
hn Hannover icongl mpiom
hs Hsinchu icongl mpiom
hu Hurbanovo icongl mpiom
ig Ishigakijima icongl mpiom
ju Juelich icongl mpiom
ka Kamioka icongl mpiom
la Larzac icongl mpiom
le Leipzig_Holzhausen icongl mpiom
lh Lhasa icongl mpiom
li Lindach icongl mpiom
lj Lijiang icongl mpiom
lp La_Plata icongl mpiom
ma Matsushiro icongl mpiom
mb Membach icongl mpiom
mc Medicina icongl mpiom
me Metsahovi icongl mpiom
mg MunGyung icongl mpiom
mi Mizusawa icongl mpiom
mo Moxa icongl mpiom
mt Mont_Terri icongl mpiom
mu Mueritz icongl mpiom
ny Ny_Alesund icongl mpiom
pe Pecny icongl mpiom
po Potsdam icongl mpiom
os Onsala icongl mpiom
ro Rochefort icongl mpiom
ru Rustrel icongl mpiom
sc Black_Forest/Schiltach icongl mpiom
sf Schaefertal icongl mpiom
sh Schiltach icongl mpiom
sk Skocjan icongl mpiom
st Strasbourg icongl mpiom
su Sutherland icongl mpiom
sy Syowa icongl mpiom
tf Todenfeld icongl mpiom
th Theistareykir icongl mpiom
tr Trappes icongl mpiom
wa Walferdange icongl mpiom
wb Wuestebach icongl mpiom
we Wettzell icongl mpiom
wg Ghuttu icongl mpiom
wu Wuhan icongl mpiom
ys Yebes icongl mpiom
zu Zugspitze icongl mpiom

Results from previous years using early versions of ICON model can be found in the global GME site.

File content and data format

Global GME and global ICON model

1epoch (yyyymmddhh)
2model surface air pressure at station (Pa)
3vertical atmospheric attraction of local model (m/s**2)
4vertical atmospheric attraction of global model, except local zone (m/s**2)
5vertical deformation effect of global loading model (m/s**2)
6vertical ocean interface effect of global loading model (m/s**2)


2015022300  0.940578E+05 -0.18221E-07  0.71491E-08  0.76477E-08  0.12655E-08
2015022303  0.938544E+05 -0.26730E-07  0.75581E-08  0.94798E-08  0.12140E-08
2015022306  0.937021E+05 -0.33246E-07  0.72570E-08  0.10445E-07  0.10995E-08
2015022309  0.935325E+05 -0.40260E-07  0.69290E-08  0.11175E-07  0.13435E-08


1epoch (yyyymmddhh)
2vertical non-tidal ocean attraction (m/s**2)
3vertical non-tidal ocean deformation (m/s**2)


2000010100  0.61700E-09  0.56000E-10
2000010103  0.54800E-09 -0.80000E-10
2000010106  0.49600E-09 -0.27700E-09
2000010109  0.61600E-09 -0.26000E-09

Results for the individual European stations (regional 3D / global 2D model) discontinued

Please note:

If you want to combine the regional / local part of the former LM / COSMO-EU model with the global part of the ICON model, you must use the global part in the icon4lm directory.

You find results from previous years following the link to the data directory of the regional / local model COSMO-EU and the global model GME, or for the regional / local part (since 2016-01-14) and the global part (since 2016-01-14) of the ICON model

File content and data format

Regional / local model COSMO-EU or ICON-EU

1epoch (yyyymmddhh)
2model surface air pressure at station (Pa)
3vertical atmospheric attraction of local model (m/s**2)
4vertical atmospheric attraction of regional model, except local zone (m/s**2)


2009010100  0.998490E+05  0.53626E-07  0.16420E-08
2009010106  0.999540E+05  0.56941E-07  0.29887E-08
2009010112  0.100230E+06  0.65705E-07  0.56163E-08
2009010118  0.100190E+06  0.64002E-07  0.55398E-08

Global model GME or ICON

1epoch (yyyymmddhh)
2vertical atmospheric attraction of global model, except regional zone (m/s**2)
3vertical deformation effect of global loading model (m/s**2)


2009010100  0.38900E-08 -0.11070E-07
2009010106  0.39860E-08 -0.10610E-07
2009010112  0.39450E-08 -0.11160E-07
2009010118  0.41060E-08 -0.10890E-07

In order to obtain the total atmospheric (Newtonian) attraction, you simply have to add cols 3 and 4 from the lm / iconeu file and col 2 from the gm / icon file. If you want to include the atmospheric loading (deformation) effect, add col 3 from the gm / icon file additionally.